Displacer Beast

Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Heraldry: Thuranni

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Large
CR: 4

Description: "This creature looks like an emaciated panther, with blue-black fur, six legs, and a body that is nothing but muscle and bone. A pair of tentacles sprout from its shoulders and end in horny-ridged pads."

A displacer beast is the size of a Bengal tiger, about 9 feet long and weighing about 500 pounds.

Information: The displacer beast is a savage and stealthy carnivore that resembles a puma in some respects.

Displacer beasts favor small game but will eat anything they can catch. They regard all other creatures as prey and tend to attack anything they meet. Displacer beasts can tear at opponents with their vicious tentacles from a short distance, and then bite victims once they get closer.

They have a deep-seated hatred of blink dogs, and the two attack each other ruthlessly when their paths cross.

A light-bending glamer continually surrounds a displacer beast, making it difficult to surmise the creature’s true location. Any melee or ranged attack directed at it has a 50% miss chance unless the attacker can locate the beast by some means other than sight. A "true seeing" effect allows the user to see the beast’s position, but "see invisibility" has no effect. They also have an additional resistance to magical ranged attacks (provided they're not touch attacks).

Displacer beasts speak Common.

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