Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Large
CR: 3

These creatures can sense magic, which they consume for sustenance, draining the power of magic items and storing their magical energy in their humps. It should be emphasized that it means no harm, yet it may be precisely its oblivious nature that makes it such a threat.


"This blue-furred creature sports a short trunk and a camel-like body. The air around it seems to shimmer with magical energy."

A disenchanter is a blue-furred creature that resembles a single-humped camel with a prehensile trunk. They are typically 8 feet long & weigh 1'600 pounds.

It is a gangly, knobby creature, with broad, flat feet capable of supporting its weight across a variety of terrain types. Its toes are splayed with retractable nails, allowing it to grip surfaces that might otherwise be a challenging climb.

When at rest, it looks like it would trip over its own blue-skinned and furry legs if it tried to move too fast, but appearances can be deceptive. When it runs, the thin and slightly translucent disenchanter moves with a sudden grace, the soft beats of its footfalls not quite matching up with the rhythm of its moving legs, almost as if it were shifting magically through the intervening space, and its churning feet were merely a formality.

The disenchanter’s body resembles that of a blue-furred camel, with a hump, a shaggy pelt, and a coarse mane that extends the length of its spine. Its strange skull sports a pair of expressive, camel-like ears, but its most striking feature is its prehensile trunk, which is constantly in motion and whose bell-shaped end is able to suction onto things or bend at numerous places to grasp and manipulate objects. Like an elephant, the disenchanter uses this trunk to sniff the air and handle items; it also uses its trunk to draw sustenance into its body.

All disenchanters exude a strong aura of magic, though this magic is unformed and holds no hint of a particular school. To those sensitive to magic, the air about a disenchanter shimmers and twists, as if it contained raw, chaotic power that it could shape at a moment’s notice.

For the most part, however, they do little to harness the power they absorb for sustenance, though some theorize that their aura may represent latent abilities that disenchanters have forgotten how to use — or is simply a lure designed to attract other beings with strong magic, thus helping the creature hunt.

When their food disappears, disenchanters must go hunting, and in some places magic proves rare indeed. Thus, like camels, disenchanters have evolved a food supply they can carry with them, from which they can draw sustenance in times of hunger. That source is the disenchanter’s hump — once full, this hump can sustain the animal for nearly 2 weeks before it must feed again. The hump is composed of magically infused and concentrated fat; when the disenchanter is forced to rely upon it, the hump shrinks until it becomes little more than a fold of loose skin atop the creature’s back.



Disenchanters are social creatures, and often seek the companionship of other intelligent beings since the scarcity of their foodsource means that they can seldom socialize with their own kind. This often makes them excellent mounts and trackers for treasure hunters. So long as those companions don't have magic to tempt its hunger, it’s often content to travel with humanoids as docilely as a half-domesticated horse or camel, and can even be encouraged to guard them at night.

If it is treated well, a disenchanter may remain with travelers for long stretches, seeking both their goodwill and whatever scraps of magical essence they might feed it. This camaraderie, however, inevitably ends as soon as it senses stronger magics, at which point it gallops away to seek out and devour the source of the magical emanations.

They often seem to come from nowhere, stepping through walls and from behind trees, hunting magic. They go where the magic leads them — and when the magic has utterly gone from a swath of territory, the disenchanters move on, often following the trail of a wizard or some other source of magical power.

Those deprived of magic rarely starve to death; instead, they simply disappear, folding back space and walking through to places unknown — other realities, perhaps, or secret places behind the worlds. Whether or not the disenchanters know where they’re going when this happens is unknown, as few humanoids can manage any real communication with the creatures.

Despite their physical resemblance to camels, disenchanters don't seem to have more than a passing affinity for desert terrain, but can in fact be found in all sorts of environments, even underground. They don't have dens or establish lairs, but instead prefer to roam freely in their search for food. As with any creature’s relation to its food source, disenchanters are more common where magic is more common or naturally occurring, and less so where magic is scarce

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