Nature: Creature Subtype
Type of: Animal

Dinosaurs are widespread on Eberron, particularly in Xen'drik, Argonessen, Q'barra, and the Talenta Plains. Large varieties wander freely across Xen’drik, including both herbivores and carnivores, while the dragons of Argonnessen have mostly eliminated the carnivorous varieties from their realm.

Smaller dinosaurs are the rule in Q’barra and the Talenta Plains, including 3 varieties commonly used by Talenta hobbits as mounts: the clawfoot, fastieth and glidewing.

COMMON Scientific Draconic
Bladetooth Allosaurus Vharag’eth
Carver Deinonychus Ka’rhavad’eth
Great Carver Megaraptor Haka’rhavad’eth
Clawfoot Velociraptor Rhavad'eth
Fastieth Leaellynasaura Falas’eth
COMMON Scientific Draconic
Fintail Cryptoclidus Paharan’ost
Great Fintail Elasmosaurus Hapaharan’ost
Glidewing Pteranodon Abarr'ien
Hammertail Ankylosaurus Hurak'eth
Soarwing Quetzalcoatlus Shovath’ien
COMMON Scientific Draconic
Spineback Spinosaurus Shafanna’eth
Tyrannosaurus Havharag’eth
Threehorn Triceratops Kotikaran’eth
Thunderherder Seismosaurus Khotasann’eth
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