NAME [x] devil CR
Lemure - 1
Imp Familiar 2
Gaav Lesser Host 3
Zebub Accuser 3
Hesperian Accomplice 4
Barbazu Bearded 5
Magaav Greater Host 6
Bezekira Hellcat 7
Levaloch Warmonger 7
Sarglagon Drowning 8
Erinyes Fury 8
Osyluth Bone 9
Uniila Cabal 10
Phistophilus Contract 10
Hamatula Barbed 11
Ayngavhaul Heresy 12
Gelugon Ice 13
Gylou Handmaiden 14
Bdellavritra Belier 16
Cornugon Horned 16
Deimavigga Apostate 17
Advodaza Nemesis 18
Puragaus Immolation 19
Pit Fiend - 20
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Fiends
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Worlds: Shavarath, Fernia, Risia, and more


Masters of corruption and despoilers of purity, devils seek to subvert all things good and promote tyrranny and subjugation over all. Devils enjoy bullying those weaker than themselves and often attack weaker creatures just to gain a trophy or three. The most powerful devils occupy themselves with plots to seize power, usurp civilizations, and inflict institutionalized misery upon mortals. They extend their influence throughout the planes by corrupting mortals, in addition to physical invasion and military conquest.

The various forms of devils are well catalogued by diabolists. Most are known by two names: an evocative title given to the fiends by commoners and folklore, and an obscure, ancient designation spoken by the servants of evil and those who would seek to deal with the damned. Although the various types of devils tend to specialize in unique forms of depravity or temptation, the hierarchies of these fiends are not without flexibility for uncommon individual talents.


Beyond the eternal battlefields of Shavarath and the temperature extremes of Fernia and Risia, devils often travel to the physical world at the summons of evil spellcasters. Quick to bargain and willing to serve mortals to assure their damnation, devils ever obey the letter of their agreements, but serve the whims of Hell foremost. Thus, even the least of devilkind might come to the mortal world intent on further corrupting souls, cleverly escaping the bonds of their contracts to indulge their own plots, or to further the unspeakable goals of the archdevils.


Immunities: ●Fire, ●Poison.
Resistances: Acid: 10. Cold: 10.
Languages: ●Celestial, ●Draconic, ●Infernal, ●Telepathy. (except when otherwise noted)
Alignment Subtypes: Natural & wielded weapons treated as Lawful & Evil for overcoming DR.
See in Darkness (Su): Most devils can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
Summon (Sp): All have the ability to summon others of their kind, typically another of their type or several less-powerful devils.

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