Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (gnome neighborhood)
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Upper Menthis
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Temples (Aureon, Onatar), upscale lodging (5), average lodging (16), upscale food (15), average food (20), exotic trades (10), upscale trades (15), average trades (25), poor trades (12), upscale services (15), average services (25), average residences (200)

First Impression: The buildings here, from quiet and neat little townhomes to shops and services of all kinds, are scaled for the district’s gnome inhabitants.


Den’iyas is known as the gnome neighborhood of Sharn, though barely 10 % of the city’s gnome population lives in this district. Few people of other races call it home, and its gnome residents cleave to their traditional customs unlike their more integrated brethren in the rest of the city.

There are usually a dozen subtle power struggles going on between the major families of Den’iyas, and even the most innocuous event could be part of some elaborate intrigue.

Information of all types can be acquired here, but those with secrets must be careful around the inquisitive gnomes, lest they become the object of blackmail, curiosity, or deceit.

Den'iyas Locations

Davandi Fine Tailoring
Khavish Theater


Upper Central ward
North ▲
The University District ◄West Den'iyas East► Upper Tavick's Landing
▼ South
Platinate district

Above: Azure
Below: Smoky Towers
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