NAME [x] demon CR
Dretch Sloth 2
Quasit Familiar 2
Vermlek Worm 3
Schir Spite 4
Swaithe Beast 4
Andrazku Misogyny 5
Brimorak Arson 5
Babau Blood 6
Incubus Lust 6
Invidiak Shadow 7
Succubus Temptation 7
Nabasu Death 8
Vrock Vulture 9
Kalavakus Slaver 10
Hezrou Swamp 11
Coloxus Fly 12
Omox Slime 12
Glabrezu Treachery 13
Nalfeshnee Boar 14
Seraptis Despair 15
Shemhazian Torture 16
Marilith Serpent 17
Vrolikai Gluttony 19
Balor Fire 20
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Fiends
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Worlds: Shavarath, Fernia, Risia, and more


Demons are incarnations of the most extreme anarchistic selfishness, embodying the principle of "might makes right", and denying the very concepts of justice and fairness. They seek only to maim, ruin, and feed.

They are ferocity personified and will attack any creature just for the sheer fun of it — even other demons. They enjoy terrifying their victims before slaying them and often devour the slain. Many demons, not satisfied with their own iniquity, take pleasure in tempting mortals to become as depraved as they are.

They recruit mortal life when such cohorts speed along the eventual destruction of hope and goodness. Death is, in some ways, their enemy — for a mortal who dies can often escape a demon’s depredations. It is the prolonging of mortal pain and suffering that fuels a demon’s lusts and desires, for it is partially from mortal sin and cruelty that these monstrous fiends gain their power.

The demonic host is impressively diverse: Some carry in their frames humanoid shapes, while others are twisted beasts. Some flop on land while others flap in air or sea. Some are schemers and manipulators of emotion and politics, others are destructive engines of ruin. Yet all demons work to the same goal — pain and suffering for mortal life in all its forms.


Yet despite all this, mortals have sought demonic aid since times immemorial. Be it an instinctual draw to self-destruction or a misguided lust for power, conjurers to this day continue to draw forth demons with forbidden magic. Some summon demons for lore, while others call upon them to serve as assassins or guards.

Demons view such summoners with a mix of hatred and thanks, for most demons lack the ability to come to the mortal world to wreak havoc on their own. They depend on the mad to call them up from their home dimensions, and while they gnash their fangs and rail against the commands and strictures enforced, most demons find ways to twist their summoners’ demands so that even the most tightly controlled demonic slave leaves a trace of ruin and despair in its wake.

More often than not, a foolish spellcaster makes a fatal mistake in the conjuring and pays for it with blood, unwittingly releasing a terrible blight upon the world as his conjuration breaks free of his control.


Immunities: ●Electricity, ●Poison.
Resistances: Acid: 10. Cold: 10. Fire: 10.
Languages: ●Abyssal, ●Celestial, ●Draconic, ●Telepathy. (except when otherwise noted)
Alignment Subtypes: Natural & wielded weapons treated as Chaotic & Evil for overcoming DR.
Summon (Sp): All have the ability to summon others of their kind, typically another of their type or several less powerful demons.

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