Deep Crysteel
Item Cost
Weapon +2'000 gp
Nature: Equipment
Type: Special Material

This high-quality crystalline alloy is an improved version of crysteel, made from a far more rare and potent isotope of the same raw material, usually found at the hearts of large veins or deposits that lie much deeper underground.

It's renowned for its strength and more psionically resonant nature.

Material Traits

●Hardness of 10.
●30 HP per inch of thickness.
●Deep Crysteel armor is considered to be made out of metal (due to its iron content), and therefore druids can't wear it.

Arms & Armor

●A psionic wielder can channel power into their deep crysteel weapon (whether melee or ranged).
●Done as a Swift action, which doesn't provoke Attacks of Opportunity.
●It costs 1 power point charge the weapon like this.
●Makes the weapon deal an extra +1d6 damage.
●Weapon stays charged like this for 1 minute or until it scores its next hit, whichever comes first.
●Bows, crossbows, & slings bestow this power on their ammo, but the effect is lost if the missile misses.

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