Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Medium & Large (uncertain if this is child & adult sizes, or if it's difference between male & female, or something else)
CR: 61

First Encountered: 12.3 "Robot Proletariat"

Information: This race was recently created by a rogue member of house Vadalis, as the hybrid offspring between a Rust Monster and a Disenchanter.

The result is a creature that feeds by draining the magic out of enchanted materials, and when the substance has been rendered mundane it can then instantly corrode the metal in it down to a rust-powder, which it also eats.

Its tongue can ''lick away'' active spells and powers, effectively dispelling them as the creature eats the magic, and enchanted weapons used to attack the beast likewise risk having the power drained out of them by the moment of contact.

It's even worse for warforged and other constructs, as per the warning in its name: If it manages to grab such a victim with its trunk it can begin to extract the animating force keeping them 'alive', effectively inflicting an effect equivalent to Negative Levels / level drain.

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