Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (adventurer's quarter)
Ward: Middle Tavick's Landing
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temples (Silver Flame, Sovereign Host), shrines (Dol Dorn, Olladra, the Mockery), average lodging (25), poor lodging (45), average food (20), poor food (60), upscale trade (3), average trades (25), poor trades (60), average services (20), poor services (60), average residences (20), poor residences (80).

First Impression: People from all walks of life and all corners of Khorvaire can be found in Deathsgate. Former soldiers and war wizards rub shoulders with explorers and aspiring artificers, and conversations in half a dozen languages can be heard at any given moment.


Officially, Deathsgate takes its name from its proximity to Halden's Tomb; a massive bridge connects the district to the necropolis, and funerary services are often held in the small temples of the district.

But over the centuries, Deathsgate has become a home for those who challenge death on a daily basis — explorers, adventurers, and mercenaries of all stripes. Whether they are looking for companionship, spellcasting, or equipment, a party of adventurers should be able to find what they seek in Deathsgate.

Like its counterpart in Upper Dura, Clifftop, Deathsgate offers an exceptional range of services, but these are rarely the best the city has to offer. Many magic items are available, but the ceiling on prices keeps characters from acquiring exceptionally powerful items.

However, the shops of Deathsgate are more than happy to buy or sell partially used charged items. The pawnshops generally offer 45 % of value for almost any sort of goods, except those that are obviously stolen. Occasionally a fence can be found here, though usually this requires a trip to Dragoneyes or Lower Dura.

While similar to Clifftop in many respects, Deathsgate has a less savory reputation. While the explorers of Clifftop often seek to gain knowledge or to help people in need, Deathsgate caters to those who simply love gold or bloodshed. The people of Deathsgate are not necessarily evil — but they don’t care about the moral consequences of their actions.

A number of dragonmarked houses maintain outposts in Deathsgate. House Jorasco maintains a large house of healing and does a brisk trade. House Deneith has a small enclave from which it recruits many of its Blademark warriors. House Sivis has an office of the Speakers Guild, including a message station, translation services, and a few barristers who specialize in the many concerns of adventurers.

Deathsgate Locations

Deathsgate Guild
Karr'Aashta's Investigations
The Guild of Starlight and Shadow

Other businesses in Deathsgate include Ancient Blades, a mystical forge that deals in magic arms and armor with a value of up to 35,000 gp; Dark Words, a dealer in scrolls; Bottled Silver, a potion merchant; Maynar's Menagerie, a Vadalis-owned business dealing in exotic pets and animal companions; and The Labyrinth, a ramshackle old shop that nonetheless has a wide assortment of useful wondrous items.


The Middle Menthis ward Dancing Shadows district
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Middle Menthis ward
Little Barrington district
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Halden's Tomb (necropolis)
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Above: Dalan's Refuge
Below: Dragoneyes
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