Deathless Domain

Nature: Game Mechanics
Type: Setting-specific cleric domain

The domain relating to the "deathless" creature type, mostly known from the Undying Court (which is composed of deathless). These beings are sort of "anti-undead", as they are empowered by pure life-energy (as opposed to the undead which are filled with the power of death itself).

Domain Powers

1.Renewed Strength (Su): You can touch a creature as a standard action to remove the "exhausted", "fatigued", "nauseated" or "sickened" conditions. You can use this ability a number of times per day = (3 +Wisdom modifier).

8.Command Deathless (Su): Similar to "Command Undead", this lets you try to take control of deathless creatures within 30 feet as a Standard action. This can be resisted with a Will save against a DC of (10 +1/2 cleric level +Cha modifier). You can take control of any deathless who fail the save, provided it's within your capacity, making them obey your orders.

At any given time this power can let you be in control of a total number of HD worth of deathless beings = (cleric level). Attempts to go beyond this limit fails, but you can release as many creatures from your control as you want as a Free action.

You can use this ability a number of times per day = (3 + Charisma modifier).

Domain Spells

1.Detect Undead: Reveals undead or deathless within 60 ft
2.Consecrate: Fills area with positive energy, making undead weaker and deathless stronger.
3.Halt Deathless*: Immobilizes up to 3 deathless creatures for 1 round per CL
4.Spirit Steed*: Channels an ancient spirit into your steed, increasing its speed & granting other benefits, 1 hour per CL
5.Breath of Life: Cures 5d8+CL damage, and restores life to recently slain creatures
6.Create Deathless*: Turn a dead person into a deathless creature (f.ex. "undying soldier", or equivalent)
7.Control Deathless*: Lets you command up to 2HD per CL of deathless creatures, for 1 minute per CL
8.Create Greater Deathless*: Turn a dead person into a powerful deathless creature (f.ex. "undying councilor", or equivalent)
9.Hero’s Blade*: Channel the spirit of a great hero into a melee weapon, empowering it for 1 minute per CL

(* = new spell found in the Eberron Campaign Setting corebook)

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