Death Coach

Nature: Creature
Type: Undead
Subtype: Incorporeal

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Huge
CR: 14

First Encountered: 24.3 "Taxi-Service of the Dead"

Death Coaches appear seemingly out of nowhere to drive people to the afterlife in style. They are rarely concerned whether the individual in question is already dead when they come to take them.

The particular Death Coach the players met had operated for a long time, absorbing many souls. In order to avoid suspicion and detection, it worked together with Beven Nal Morton. Due to its age and the many absorbed souls, it acquired traits and abilities beyond those of a normal Death Coach. This includes the ability to become physical at will, which it used to blend in and avoid detection.

It also was enhanced by the following items:
Adamantine Hubcaps of Shattering Speed: destroy your pursuers' wheels really fast
Mithril Horseshoes of Mist: turn into mist, ignoring the fact that you can turn incorporeal at will and so don't need to
Dead Wood Panels of Resistance: because the coach don't wanna be controlled
Adamantine Edging of Bling: protecting corner and weak spots while looking cool

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