Dark Six

Nature: Religion
Type: Pantheon of gods

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favored weapon: Kama

Description: In some ways, the Dark Six can be considered a part of the pantheon of the Sovereign Host. It would be more accurate, however, to say that these deities have been cast out of the pantheon because of their evil ways. The Dark Six are the patrons of criminals, outcasts, and villains, as well as of various kinds of monsters. The holy texts show them scheming against the Sovereign Host at every turn for reasons that vary from deity to deity, and their followers often do likewise.

GODS Sovereign of… AL Weapon Clerical Domains
The Devourer Wave & Whelm NE Trident Evil, Destruction, Water, Weather
The Fury Rage & Ruin NE Rapier Evil, Charm, Liberation, Madness
The Keeper Death & Decay LE Scythe Evil, Law, Death, Repose
The Mockery Betrayal & Bloodshed NE Kama Evil, Destruction, Trickery, War
The Shadow Magic & Mayhem CE Quarterstaff Evil, Chaos, Darkness, Magic
The Traveler Chaos & Change CN Scimitar Chaos, Artifice, Travel, Trickery
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