Dal Quor - the Region of Dreams

Nature: Outer Plane

Gravity: Subjective directional gravity.
Flowing time: For every 10 minutes spent on Dal Quor, 1 minute passes on the Material Plane.
Mutability: Highly morphic; The stuff of dream alters with the thoughts of the dreamer. Beyond the dreamscapes, in the heart of Dal Quor, the quori can manipulate matter with ease, while visitors have a harder time altering the environment.
Enhanced magic: Spells of the illusion school are "Extended"


When mortals dream they psychically project their minds here, the place where dreams play out. Dal Quor is ringed with dreamscapes – small, temporary envelopes of pseudo-reality where dreamers live their dreams for a short time. Within the ring, however, exists an entirely different world.

Magnificent domed cities called up from the formless void of dreamstuff spread across the inside of the ring of dreamscapes, allowing the quori who live there easy access to their food supply – the psychic energy of dreaming mortals. Beyond the cities of the quori, a roiling boil of dream-born landscapes melt, burn, grow, and dissolve without any rhyme or reason.


Remote: Last became coterminous to the Material Plane some 40 thousand years ago, at which time the quori invaded Xen’drik. The giants of Xen'drik finally managed to end the war and sever the connections between the planes, but at great cost: The devastation of Xen’drik and decimation of the civilization of the giants. In the process, Dal Quor itself was thrown off its orbit.

As a result, Dal Quor is always remote in relation to the Material Plane. The only way to reach Dal Quor from the Material Plane is through the psychic projection of dreaming, and the quori have been forced to find new ways to work their will on the Material Plane.

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