Daca's Watch

Nature: Location
Type: Shrine to Boldrei, goddess of the Sovereign Host
City: Sharn (High Hope district, in Middle Northedge)
Custodian/Resident: Daca

High Hope contains an unusual shrine to Boldrei, a monument that has come to be known as Daca’s Watch. A thick, 12-foot pillar of densewood, this structure was supposed to hold a statue of some priest or martyr, but funding for the project evaporated, and the pillar stood empty for many years.

One day, a gnome named Daca climbed up to the top and sat down. From this high perch, she watched and studied the people, occasionally shouting advice to people who seemed troubled or distressed.

That was 120 years ago. Daca still sits on her post, watching over her neighbors. She has no religious training, and makes no claim to be a priestess of the godess she worships. While she has no oracular powers, she is very familiar with the people of High Hope, and has a great deal of common sense.

The inhabitants of the district often come to her for advice or when a mediator is required, and she served as an emotional pillar of the community over the course of the Last War. Most of the locals believe that she has been touched by the goddess and consider her to be a holy woman.

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