Nature: NPC
Race: Gnome & Saint
Class: Expert 6
Allegiance: Boldrei & the citizens of High Hope
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female

Description: A thin, gray-haired gnome, who every day looks down on her neighborhood from atop her 12-foot tall pillar of densewood. She wears a plain hooded robe, and her wrinkled skin is tanned a deep brown. Her dark eyes sparkle as she watches and smiles.

Information: The Sharn district of High Hope has an unusual shrine to Boldrei, a monument that has come to be known as Daca's Watch: A thick, 12-foot pillar of densewood, this structure was supposed to hold a statue of some priest or martyr, but funding for the project evaporated, and the pillar stood empty for many years.

One day, a gnome named Daca climbed up to the top and sat down. From this high perch, she watched and studied the people, occasionally shouting advice to people who seemed troubled or distressed.

That was 120 years ago. Daca still sits on her post, watching over her neighbors. While she has no oracular powers, she is very familiar with the people of High Hope and has a great deal of common sense. The inhabitants of the district often come to her for advice or when a mediator is required, and she served as an emotional pillar of the community over the course of the Last War.

While she has no religious training and does not profess to be a priestess of Boldrei, most of the locals believe that she has been touched by the goddess and consider her to be a holy woman. They are not alone in this; a handful of priests from other districts regularly visit High Hope to discuss events in Sharn with her.

Vow of Nonviolence: May not inflict harm or suffering to humanoid or monstrous humanoid beings,
nor allow allies to slay such beings when they're helpless or have surrendered.
Vow of Peace: May not cause any harm to any living creature (can inflict non-lethal dmg, if she's not planning to harm them once they're unconscious)
Vow of Poverty: May not own material possessions of her own, beyond max 7 simple & inexpensive items (cheap rags, clay bowl, wood spoon, etc)

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