The other dimensions, or "planes", that exist in the setting, 13 of them invisibly "orbiting" the world of Eberron ("outer planes"), while 3 of them being the "transitive" or "between" worlds ("inner planes").

INNER Appelation
OUTER Appelation Main Aspect
Daanvi the Perfect Order Strongly Lawful
Dal Quor Region of Dreams Mentally morphic
Dolurrh Realm of the Dead Static, Entraps
Fernia the Sea of Fire Fire-dominant*
Irian the Eternal Day Mildly Positive
Kythri the Churning Chaos Strongly Chaotic
Lamannia the Twilight Forest Mildly druidic
Mabar the Endless Night Mildly Negative
Risia the Plain of Ice Cold-dominant*
Shavarath the Battleground Alignment varies
Syrania the Azure Sky Strongly Good
Thelanis the Faerie Court Flowing time
Xoriat Realm of Madness Wildly morphic*

(* = also Mildly Evil)

Eberron spins within its own Material Plane, enfolded by 3 coexistent transitive planes: the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, & the Plane of Shadow.

Within Eberron’s Astral Plane, 13 planes revolve in a complex orbit a round the Material Plane. Some have an elemental nature, some have alignment tendencies, and others are simply alien worlds. These planes are not the homes of the deities, and only one of them, Dolurrh, is a plane where mortal spirits go upon their death.

The 13 orbiting planes are separate from each other, with no connections between them. They are coexistent with the Astral, but separate from the Ethereal & the Plane of Shadow, so certain spells (f.ex. "ethereal jaunt" & "shadow walk") aren’t available to casters on these planes.

As the thirteen planes move through the Astral Plane, their paths take them closer to the Material Plane at times and farther away at other times. As a result, each of them occasionally becomes coterminous with the Material Plane, allowing connections between the planes.

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