Nature: Location
Type: Tavern district in Sharn
Ward: Middle Tavick's Landing
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temple (Dol Dorn, Olladra), average lodging (14), poor lodging (80), average food (25), poor food (120), poor trades (40), poor services (40), poor residences (80).

First Impression: The streets are full of noise and laughter, as people stagger into and out of the many inns and taverns of the district. A large arena occupies the center of Cornerstone, and occasionally a ragged cheer rises up from the amphitheater.


For those people who want a slightly more respectable level of entertainment than that offered in Dragoneyes, Cornerstone offers a host of inns and taverns — they may not be the best in Sharn, but prices are cheap and a few at least have good food and comfortable beds.

The district has a strong interest in sporting events; quite a few windchases are based in Cornerstone, and there is always activity at the great arena. While the large gambling halls are located in Dragoneyes, there are always people (mostly aligned with the Boromar Clan) taking bets in taverns and at the arenas, and a character who wishes to place a few silvers at risk will have no trouble finding a taker.

Cornerstone Locations

The Cornerstone
Stone Trees
Tooth and Nail


Middle Northedge ward
North ▲
The Tavick's Market district ◄West Cornerstone East► Halden's Tomb (necropolis)
▼ South
Graywall district

Above: Pinnacle
Below: Wroann's Gate
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