Coldflame Keep

Nature: Location
Type: Temple to the Silver Flame
City: Sharn (High Hope district, in Middle Northedge)
Leader: Flamebearer Mazin Tana

While it looks more like a fortress than a place of worship, Coldflame Keep is the local church devoted to the Silver Flame. Established during the Purge as a garrison of the church templars, Coldflame Keep has slowly dwindled as the hierophants have drawn resources away to the temples of Sovereign Towers and Pinnacle. Today, the keep is a shadow of its former self.

Flamebearer Mazin Tana does his best to maintain the temple and serve the community. His acolytes consist of 2 teenagers and one crippled scribe. The garrison was built to house 100 soldiers, but currently there are only 8 templars in residence, most of whom are 2nd-level warriors. These soldiers are supposed to protect the district from supernatural threats.

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