Cognizance crystal
Holds Price
1 point 1'000 gp
3 points 4'000 gp
5 points 9'000 gp
7 points 16'000 gp
9 points 25'000 gp
Holds Price
11 points 36'000 gp
13 points 49'000 gp
15 points 64'000 gp
17 points 81'000 gp
ML = points held
Aura psychokinesis
Nature: Psionic Item
Feat: Craft Cognizance Crystal

A cognizance crystal is a container that holds power points.

Description: It consists of a core crystal and two or three smaller crystals arranged in specific positions around it on strands of silver wire. The crystals give off a faint glow.

AC: 7
HP: 10. .

Hardness: 8
Break DC: 16.
Weight: ca 1 pound.

●Before using a cognizance crystal, you must first attune to it.
●To do so, you have to hold the crystal, or otherwise carry it so that it touches your skin (f.ex. as a necklace), for at least 10 minutes.

●An attuned user can spend the PP held in the crystal to pay for powers they manifest, as if the points came from their own PP pool.
●When all the stored points have been used up, the glow of the crystal dims.
●An attuned user can recharge the crystal by transfering their own PP into the item, which will then hold them until they're spent.

●The wielder can only spend points from 1 source when manifesting a power. They can either spend their own points OR points from the cognizance crystal, but can't spend from both sources on the same manifesting action.
●This also means you can't draw points from 2 different cognizance crystals for the same power manifestation.
●It's not possible to transfer power points out of a cognizance crystal and into a character's personal pool, they can only be extracted by spending them to manifest a power.

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