Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Heraldry: Sivis

Alignment: Neutral
Size: Small
CR: 3

First Encountered: 4.3 "Rock, Paper, DEATH!!!"

Description: "This hideous avian creature is about the size of a large goose or turkey. It has the head and body of an emaciated cockerel, bat wings, and a long, scaly reptile-like tail. Its eyes glow with a dangerous-looking crimson sheen."

A male cockatrice has wattles and a comb, just like a rooster. Females, much rarer than males, differ only in that they have no wattles or comb. An average cockatrice stands just over 2 feet high and weighs about 5 pounds.

Information: The cockatrice is a stupid, eerie, vicious, and repulsive monster, avoided by most other creatures due to their infamous and extremely dangerous ability to turn flesh into stone. They breed in terrifying and filthy dens haphazardly excavated by as many as a dozen of the squawking creatures.

While their diet consists primarily of seeds and petrified insects, cockatrices fiercely defend their territories from anything they deem a threat, and the wanderings of rogue males seeking new spots to build dens sometimes bring them into unintentional contact with humanoids, with devastating results.

The cockatrice’s strange ability to turn other creatures to stone is the creature’s greatest defense, and a cockatrice lair is invariably littered with petrified remnants of anything it perceived as a foe. In an ironic twist of fate, however, weasels, ferrets and mongeese — the creatures most likely to slip into cockatrices’ nests and consume their eggs — appear to be completely immune to this effect.

For unknown reasons, cockatrices are both terrified of and enraged by mundane roosters, and are equally likely to flee or attack when confronted by one.

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