Clockwork Leviathan

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Clockwork

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Huge
CR: 12

First Encountered: 26.4 "Grand Theft Sharn"

Description: "Long and metallic, this serpentine construction resembles a mechanical eel with several paddle-like limbs."

Its numerous metal plates and links are made of such resilient material that they never rust, even after long exposure to the briny sea waters that leviathans often patrol.

Clockwork leviathans are 25 feet long and weigh just over 3 tons

Information: Clockwork leviathans are equally capable of functioning on land and in water. Sailors who are haunted by the memories of these treacherous machines need not exaggerate their yarns, for the reality of an aquatic construct such as this holds enough terror in its story for even the hardiest of seafarers.

It has a fearsome breath weapon, a powerful jet of scorching steam, which functions equally well above and under water. It deals unusually excessive amounts of slashing damage when it makes a successful grapple check, because of the myriad twisting gears and churning pistons that make up its jagged underbelly.

A clockwork leviathan’s interior is filled with injurious grinding gears and superheated water: In addition to taking damage, a swallowed creature must hold its breath or risk drowning as long as it remains inside a clockwork leviathan’s "stomach".

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