Clockwork Dragon
(model assembled & painted by Henrik Lerdahl)
CL 18th
Craft Clockwork
Check DC 20
Cost 162'500 gp
animate object,
limited wish
Other Maker must
be CL ≥ 18
Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Clockwork

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Huge
CR: 16+

First Encountered: 33.4 "Tick Tock Goes the Clock"


"Though made of thousands of metal parts, this masterpiece of gleaming metal glides through the air with impossible grace"

These constructs are typically 20 feet long from snout to the end of their sword-tipped tail, and weigh nearly 75 tons.

The basic chassis and internal workings of the clockwork dragons are highly adaptable, and many variants of it are known to exist.

The clockwork dragon is a masterpiece of clockwork construction and is exceptionally difficult to create. The creator must begin with crafted clockwork pieces worth 25'000 gp.


One of the most complicated and subtly crafted clockworks, its many moving parts are fortified by adamantine supports and fixtures, making this killing machine a brilliant mix of intricacy and unyielding terror.

Designed for long flights and missions, the intricate winding mechanism of the clockwork dragon is more efficient than that of other clockwork constructs, partially because it reuses some of the energy generated by its intricate wings and the complex machinery of its breath weapon device.

While the "clockwork goliath" creature may have more brute power, the clockwork dragons have powerful breath weapons and mastery of flight, which make them more versatile and graceful killers.



The following are a number of variant designs. Some have more than one of these "upgrades" in the same creature.


Acid Breath (+0 CR)
Napalm Breath (+1 CR)
Rust Breath (+0 CR)
Sleep Gas Breath (+0 CR)

Destroyer (+0 CR)
Infiltrator (+1 CR)
Mithril / Racer (+0 CR)

For example: The clockwork dragon created by Tabin d'Cannith that the player characters encountered in plot nr 33.4 had the "Napalm Breath", "Rust Breath" and "Mithril" upgrades, but had also been custom-fitted so that these changes didn't also require removing other features from the creature (f.ex. letting it keep its DR/adamantine). All this resulted in a creature of CR 17 or CR 18.

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