Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (adventurer's quarter)
Ward: Upper Dura
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Shrines (Silver Flame, Sovereign Host, Dol Dorn, Dol Arrah, Olladra), average lodging (25), poor lodging (45), average food (20), poor food (60), upscale trade (1), average trades (25), poor trades (60), average services (20), poor services (60), average residences (20), poor residences (80)

First Impression: The towers of this district are drab gray granite, but the crowds that fill the streets are quite colorful. People of all races and cultures can be seen. An Aundairian wizard compares notes with a kalashtar monk in the shade of a tavern, while across the street a Lhazaar privateer and a Valenar elf compare blades. Clifftop is a fairly dingy district — but it attracts an interesting crowd.


This district attracts those willing to devote sword, spells, or skills to risky but profitable endeavors. Anyone looking for a discreet bodyguard, a mercenary soldier, or a guide to the wilds of Xen'drik can find what they need in Clifftop. Adventurers looking for a patron may find one here.

Clifftop is a curious blend of wealth and poverty. Most of the businesses in the district are serviceable, but not exceptional, providing for the needs of the adventurer who rarely has more than a few pieces of gold in his purse. It also provides services for the lucky explorer or privateer who has returned home with gold to spare, with commercial spellcasters, shops selling used wands and old mageworked weapons, and other exotic goods readily available. While similar in many ways to the Deathsgate district, Clifftop has a better and generally well-deserved reputation.

The district provides a number of services adventurers may find useful. A wide variety of hirelings can be found here. A wide variety of hirelings can be found here, and all of them are used to putting up with the odd demands of adventurers. Likewise, as adventurers have a way of getting into trouble with the law, there are a considerable number of barristers and advocates in the district. Pawnshops of Clifftop offer 45% of value for almost any sorts of goods, except those that are obviously stolen; fences that deal in stolen goods must be found in the lower levels of Dura.

Highhold Locations

The Augury
Clifftop Adventurer's Guild
The Dragon's Hoard
The Drunken Dragon
The Esoteric Order of Aureon
Sivis Clifftop Enclave
Tharashk Clifftop Enclave
Kurala's House of Healing
The Mystic Market


Outside city
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Highwater district ◄West Clifftop East► Upper Northedge
▼ South
Hope's Peak district

Below: Tumbledown
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