Nature: Location
Type: Lower Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Dura (lowest)

Population: 8'800
Social: Lower class
Areas: Red light district, shantytown, waterfront district (2)
Businesses: Those catering to transients, such as waterfront taverns, bordellos, flophouses, shipfitters, sailmakers, and so on.

Character: Seedy waterfront district


The Cliffside ward makes up the lower edge of Dura, built on and into the cliffs that drop toward the river. This waterfront district, full of businesses that cater to the sailors who pass through Sharn’s port, can be a rough and tumble place. Legitimate services can be found here — ships need supplies and repairs, goods need to be stored, captains need a place to hire a crew, and sailors need a bed on dry land to sleep in once in a while — but other businesses spring up simply to meet demand.

These less-than legitimate services include bordellos, taverns, casinos, and even shadier entertainments for sailors to spend their off-duty hours and wages on.The City Watch finds it hard to keep order here (or perhaps the Watch captains simply find it hard to care), and Cliffside is one of the most crime-ridden wards in all of Sharn.

Some say the problem is exacerbated by the presence of sahuagin in the ward, who sell their services as guides through the Straits of Shargon.

Cliffside Districts

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