Angel, Choral
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Angel

Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Small
CR: 6

First Encountered: 25.3 "The Leng Way Home"
Other Appearances: 27.2 "There's One Born Every Minute"

Description: "This shimmering being looks like a miniature human with broad, iridescent wings & hair that slowly ripples through the air."

Most choral angels stand only 3-1/2 feet tall, and their svelte frames weigh a meager 40 pounds.

Their hair is always of a metallic sheen resembling that of rare natural minerals and ores such as platinum, gold, and silver, though some of the oldest choral angels have hair that glimmers perpetually like emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds.

Information: Choral angels are vocalists and singers of amazing skill and talent, and their ranks fill the halls of heaven with soaring hymns and solemn chants.

While they aren't soldiers, and prefer to avoid combat, chorals can defend themselves with their magical voices when need be, creating powerful magical effects that resonate with the purity in their hearts to overcome foes.

Chorals sometimes visit the Material Plane with auspicious messages for mortals. These messages are inevitably good in nature, and it is a joyous event when a choral angel appears to a mortal.

If the angels expect danger or opposition during their visit they travel in groups called "ensembles", & use their harmonizing voices to spread the word of their cause as well as to bolster their allies in battle.

If particularly vexed or pressed, an ensemble of choral angels can use their harmonies to devastating effect, obliterating their foes with powerful chants drawn from Syrania or hymns de dicated to the powers of Faith, Hope and Love.

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