Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Heraldry: Deneith

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Large
CR: 7

Description: "This winged monster has the body of a lion, though two more heads flank its central feline one — a dragon and a horned goat."

"This creature has the hindquarters of a big goat and the forequarters of a great lion. It has dragon wings and three heads: a horned goat, a maneless lion, and a fierce dragon."

A chimera’s dragon head may be of any evil dragon type, with the corresponding breath weapon, and its wings usually match the scales on its head.

A typical specimen is about 5 feet tall at the shoulder, nearly 10 feet long, and weighs about 700 pounds.


Information: Chimeras are hateful and hungry monsters, a race of bizarre predators who hunt on the ground or in the air. It can defeat even the hardiest opponent with a flurry of claws and fangs.

Their intellect is barely advanced enough to be able to process and use language, so chimeras can speak Draconic. They speak with three overlapping voices, but rarely do so, typically only when playing toady to a more powerful creature.

Chimeras prefer meat but can subsist on vegetable matter if necessary (although being forced to do so generally leaves the beasts more ill-tempered than usual). Their flight means they can pick and choose their prey, and they usually hunt a large area in search of easy food.

They are too stupid and belligerent to acquire followers, though sometimes a tribe of kobolds might give them offerings. Conversely, they are just intelligent and stubborn enough that they make poor pets, and only a significantly more powerful creature can keep them submissive. They may form equal partnerships with a respectful humanoid or similar creature, and even consent to be used as a mount.

A pride of chimeras is very leonine in its hierarchy, with a dominant male leading the group and most of the hunting done by the females. A solitary chimera may be a young male or a female with cubs nearby.

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