Nature: Alignment component
Concept: Individualism
Definition: Willing to prioritize the needs/desires of the individual above the community/laws


●The needs and/or rights of the individual as higher priority than those of the community
●Freedom, ●Imagination, ●Individuality, ●Anarchy, ●Improvisation, ●Innovation, ●Unreliable,
●Independence – Not relying on anything but oneself
●Willingness to freely break any promise or oath made. To not see such things as important at all.
●Change – things not staying the same
●Excitement, ●Adaptability, ●Evolution, ●Experimentation, ●Exploration, ●Restlessness, ●Nonconformist
(Rejection of all forms of coercive control & authority.)
(all arbitrary rule which is enforced by brutal agencies is mob rule. The State, then, is the chief of mobbists)
(It simply means opposed to the arbitrary rule of self-elected usurpers outside of the Individual.)

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