Chance Casino

Nature: Location
City: Sharn (Dragoneyes district, in Lower Tavick's Landing)
Owner: Chance

Dragoneyes has quite a few rowdy gambling halls, but Chance Casino is a more sophisticated casino. In addition to running the standard games and making odds on the various races and sporting events that occur throughout the city, Chance has a reputation for being able to arrange and cover almost any bet.

Can you survive for two days with House Tarkanan trying to assassinate you? Can you seduce the ambassador from Aerenal in the next 24 hours? Chance makes the odds, takes the bet, and makes the arrangements required to set the challenge in motion.

Almost nothing is known about the owner, as the doppelganger wears a different guise every night, and the only way to recognize them is by the distinctive amulet they wear.

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