Central Plateau

Nature: Location
Type: One of the "quarters" of Sharn

Watch Detail: 504 guards of the Watch: 152 on day shift (122 patrol, 30 stationed), 176 on evening shift (141 patrol, 35 stationed), 176 on night shift (141 patrol, 35 stationed).

These guards are responsible for Northedge as well as the Central Plateau.

Central Wards

Upper Central Plateau
Middle Central Plateau
Lower Central Plateau


Central Plateau is the heart of Sharn. Its top levels include the seat of the city’s government and its bustling finance districts. Its middle levels host the enclaves of the dragonmarked houses (which some describe as the real government of the city) and embassies of the other nations of Khorvaire. Its location makes its residential neighborhoods highly desirable and its marketplace perhaps the busiest in the city.

Central Districts

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