Councilor Caskar Halavik

Nature: NPC
Race: Hobbit
Class: Barbarian 2 / Expert 4
Allegiance: Boromar Clan
Occupation: Sharn City Council
Represents: Middle Menthis
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male

Information: Caskar was born in the Talenta Plains. When he first came to Sharn, he worked as an enforcer for the Boromar Clan. He was also a remarkably skilled clawfoot racer, and in time he became a celebrity in Little Plains.

Saiden Boromar helped him transform his fame into political cachet, eventually earning him a seat on the Council. Caskar enjoys the prestige of his position, but he prefers to leave political maneuvering on behalf of the Boromars to others (like Ilyra Boromar, and the other clan supporters on the council).

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