House Cannith

Nature: Dragonmarked House
Influence: Fabricators Guild, Tinkers Guild
Mark: Making
Race: Humans
Totem: Gorgon

Current Leaders

Baron Jorlanna d’Cannith (LN female human, wizard 8)
Operates out of Fairhaven, and oversees the house’s efforts in Aundair, Thrane, and the Eldeen Reaches.

Baron Merrix d'Cannith (LE male human, artificer 9/dragonmark heir 3)
Leads the house’s activities in Breland, Zilargo, and Darguun, from his holdings in Sharn.

Baron Zorlan d’Cannith (NE male human, artificer 3/sorcerer 4/dragonmark heir 1)
Controls house operations in Karrnath, the Mror Holds, and the Lhazaar Principalities, from an enclave in Korth.


Known Members

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