Item Cost
Weapon x 2
Half of a
double wpn
x 1.5
Nature: Equipment
Type: Special Material

Calomel is a hard white ore that is most often found and quarried in Argonessen, at great expense and danger.

Raw calomel ore is distinctive in its whiteness. It can be almost translucent, and is lustrous in bright light. It is always found adjacent to subterranean springs.

When forged in the appropriate secret fashion, the resultant metal cools to a consistency and ductility like that of a standard steel alloy. Though any item can be crafted from it, calomel's particular qualities make it most suitable for weapons.

A weapon forged from calomel is pale gray, almost translucent, and water droplets constantly condense on the naked item.

Material Traits

●Hardness 10
●30 HP per inch of thickness.
●Items without metal parts can't be made from calomel (so that an arrow could be made of calomel, but a quarterstaff couldn't).

Arms & Armor

A calomel weapon overcomes the Damage Reduction of creatures with the (Fire) subtype as if it were a magic weapon, even if it doesn't have an enhancement bonus.

F.ex: A mundane calomel blade wielded against a mature adult red dragon (fire subtype) would overcome that creature’s damage reduction 10/magic as if it were a magic weapon.

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