The people of Khorvaire mark the passage of time according to the standards developed by the dragonmarked houses (partially based on draconic measurements) & sanctioned by the rulers of Galifar almost 1'000 years ago.

Days are 24 hours long, divided into day and night. 7 days make up a week, weeks a month, and 12 months a year. The months correspond to the 12 moons of Eberron, and the prominent moon carries the name of the month in which its orbit brings it closest to the planet.

The moons and months are tied to the dragonmarks by tradition and legend, as shown below. A thirteenth mark and moon once existed. Most consider the thirteenth mark to be nothing more than legend, but there are those who know better.

Days of the Week

Day 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Name Sul Mol Zol Wir Zor Far Sar


Months of the Year

MONTH/MOON Season Mark MONTH/MOON Season Mark
Zarantyr Mid-winter Storm Lharvion Mid-summer Detection
Olarune Late winter Sentinel Barrakas Late summer Finding
Therendor Early spring Healing Rhaan Early autumn Scribing
Eyre Mid-spring Making Sypheros Mid-autumn Shadow
Dravago Late spring Handling Aryth Late autumn Passage
Nymm Early summer Hospitality Vult Early winter Warding
Crya Early/mid-winter Death





Constellation Associations Constellation Associations
Aasterinian Invention and trade Garyx Chaos & destruction
Astilabor Wealth Hlal Humor
Bahamut Protection & good fortune Io Magic & knowledge
Chronepsis Fate & prophecy Lendys Justice & law
Falazure Death & decay Tamara Life
Tiamat Greed & power


Counting of Years

While a particular culture may count the years dating from some significant event in its past, the common calendar of Khorvaire is the Galifar Calendar. This reckoning of years was developed during the reign of Galifar the Dark, third ruler to sit upon the throne of Galifar. It counts from the founding of the kingdom to the present day. The dragonmarked houses adopted and use this calendar, as do the governments and peoples of Khorvaire’s nations. The campaign begins in the year 998 YK (the 998th Year since the Kingdom was founded).

See also: History

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