Bull Rush

Nature: Maneuver
Type: Standard action, or instead of the melee attack during a Charge.

An attempt to push an opponent straight back without doing them any harm.

●Initiating a bull rush provokes an Attack of Opportunity (AoO) from the target of your maneuver.
Maneuver succeeds: Target is pushed back 5 feet.
●For every 5 by which the roll exceeds Maneuver Defense, you can push target +5 more feet.
●You can move with the target if you want, if you have the available movement to do so.
Maneuver fails: Your movement ends in front of the target.

●If there's another creature in the way of your bull rush, you must immediately make a Maneuver check to bull rush them as well.
●You take a –4 penalty on this check for each creature being pushed beyond the first.
●If you are successful, you can continue to push the creatures a distance equal to the lesser result of the two checks.

For example: if a fighter bull rushes a goblin for a total of 15 feet, but there's another goblin 5 feet behind the first one,
the fighter must make another Maneuver check against the second goblin after having pushed the first one 5 feet.

If his check reveals that he can push the 2nd goblin a total of 20 feet, he can continue to push both goblins another 10 feet
(since the first goblin will then have moved a total of 15 feet, which is the max the fighter could do with the first check).

●A target moved by a bull rush doesn't provoke an AoO because of that movement (unless you have the "Greater Bull Rush" feat).
●You can't bull rush a creature into a square that's occupied by a solid object or obstacle.
●You can't bull rush an opponent who is more than 1 size category larger than you.

●Those with the "Improved Bull Rush" feat don't provoke an AoO from bull rushing an opponent
(and also get +2 on the bull rush check, and defending against being bull rushed).

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