Nature: Race
Type: Humanoid
Subtype: Goblinoid
Goblinoid name: Guul'dar ("the strong people")


"This muscular, savage humanoid stands 7 feet tall. Coarse hair covers most of its body. Its mouth is full of long, sharp fangs, and its nose is much like that of a bear."

The biggest and strongest of the goblinoids (weighing on average 200 pounds), bugbears are more aggressive than their smaller relatives. They live by hunting any creature weaker than themselves.

The bugbear’s nose is the cause of its name, though the creature is not related to bears. Its hide and sharp claws also resemble those of bears. A bugbear’s hands are far more dexterous than a bear’s paws, however, and its claws are too small to make effective weapons.

They speak Goblinoid and Common.

Bugbears prefer settlements and structures to be dark and convoluted, with many hiding places and dead ends. This gives them the home turf advantage and allows them to use the guerrilla tactics they prefer.



Once upon a time, the goblinoids possessed a powerful and sophisticated culture, but it was ruined long ago by extraplanar conflict, civil strife, and the invasion of the humans from Sarlona. Four major goblinoid cultures have arisen from the ashes of the Empire of Dhakaan. Each has a distinct personality and way of dealing with nongoblinoid races. These four cultures are the city goblin(oid)s, the Ghaal'dar, the Dhakaan, and the Marguul clans.


The Marguul

The Marguul, or “warrior kings,” are a league of bugbear tribes. In the early days of the Ghaal’dar, many bugbears rose up against their hobgoblin oppressors to seize control of their own destiny. The Marguul are fewer in number than either the Ghaal'dar or the Dhakaan, but they are still a powerful force that could play a major role in the future of Darguun.

For centuries, the bugbears have raided the larger hobgoblin communities, taking goblins as slaves and slaughtering the arrogant hobgoblins. In recent years, a few Marguul tribes have established an uneasy peace with the hobgoblins of lowland Darguun, and these bugbears can be found throughout Khorvaire as mercenaries. However, the majority of the Marguul remain in the Seawall Mountains, where they continue to battle any creatures that cross their path. There, the clans use caves, naturally defensible areas, and fortresses built during the Last War, building long houses when such places are not available.

While the Marguul bugbears lack the discipline of the Dhakaan, they place great value on martial skill and guerilla warfare. Bugbear fighters typically choose Strength-based feats such as Power Attack, Cleave, and Sunder. Marguul clerics worship the Mockery or "Lhesh Shaarat", a bugbear interpretation of Dol Dorn.

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