Brilliant Energy
CL 16th
Aura Strong
gaseous form,
continual flame
Nature: Magic Weapon Ability
Cost: +4 bonus

●Main part of the weapon is transformed into light.
●If it's a projectile weapon, it bestows this effect on its ammo.

●This is about as bright as a torch (20-ft radius).
●This doesn't modify the item's weight.

●The light-portion reacts as if it was solid in relation to living matter.
●It is non-solid light to non-living materials, and so ignores it completely.

●Armor & shield (and any magic enhancement) don't give AC against this weapon, as it goes right through.
(however, Dexterity, deflection, dodge, Natural Armor, & other such AC bonuses still apply).

Downside: It can't harm undead, constructs, or objects (as it passes harmlessly through them).

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