Nature: Country
Continent: Khorvaire
Type: One of the Five Nations

Nation Basics

Motto: ''We gain what we give''
Ruler: King Boranel ir'Wynarn
Capital: Wroat
Anthem: "The Song of Breland"
Heraldry: A roaring bear surrounded by gold wyverns on a crimson shield.

Area: 1,8 million square miles
Climate: Temperate in the north, tropical in the south
Population: 3,7 million1 (44% human, 14% gnome, 10% khoravar, 8% elf, 7% dwarf, 4% hobbit, 4% changeling, 4% goblinoid, 3% orc, 2% other)
Languages: Common, Gnomen, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Orcish, Goblinoid, Sahuagin

Major Cities: Sharn, Starilaskur, Galethspyre, Xandrar.
Exports: Weapons, armor, tools, processed ore, metalwork, manufactured goods, heavy industry
Highest Point: Erix Peak in the Blackcaps Range, elevation 13'256.
Founder: Wroann, fifth scion of King Jarot.




Brelish Names

Usually have a personal name followed by a family-based surname.

Male: Alain, Beren, Cord, Curlot, Destir, Duran, Erix, Jovi, Kaine, Kuven, Laren, Lis, Maal, Minyu, Nelt, Norn, Oarsen, Pater, Pol, Rand, Reesir, Saal, Stend, Tars, Teesen, Uthar, Verden, Vorj, Werem, Wrogarr, Yelfis.

Female: Aanna, Alike, Beaf, Channa, Dabren, Delru, Elazti, Fromm, Gersi, Glenas, Habra, Heeson, Isti, Itlani, Joherra, Ket, Khaal, Lorsanna, Margu, Maril, Monesti, Narcy, Nebra, Penti, Riki, Soranda, Tabin, Tolri, Wroaan, Wroenna.

Surnames: Aggan, Bakker, Colworn, Devir, Ebinor, Faldren, Graccen, Helmworth, Jonz, Kemble, Lanner, Lonn, Makker, Morrus, Nelview, Perryn, Riston, Roole, Smyth, Snarik, Thorn, Toppe, Wrighten.


Known Things

Five Things Every Brelish Knows:

1. The Galifar Code of Justice. Every citizen of Breland learns at least the basics of the Code of Justice, especially as it pertains to the rights afforded individuals in any situation. This knowledge boils down to the right to defend yourself, the right to confront your accuser, and the right to open debate. Of course, the code contains many additional rights and laws, but these tend to be the most important for the average Brelish citizen.

2. That different is just different. Tolerant and accepting, the average Brelish believes that different isn’t better or worse, good or bad; it’s just different. Different races, different faiths, different cultures … the Brelish, on the whole, are the most accepting and unifying people in Khorvaire.

3. Something about the weather. Everyone in Breland has an opinion about the weather, and they love to discuss their views and share them with others. This is especially true in the southern portions of the country, where the weather seems to vary between two states — hot and wet, and hotter and wetter.

4. The virtues of democracy. Unique among the Five Nations, Breland has long been experimenting with a new form of government. While the monarchy remains in place, many other duties of government, including legislation, falls to a partially elected body — the Brelish Parliament.

Thanks to town meetings where all citizens have a voice and the right to vote for the elected members of the parliament, the Brelish understand the rights, responsibilities of democracy, as well as the great gift they have to live in such a progressive nation.

5. The wisdom of Beggar Dane. Out of the pages of the Sharn Inquisitive, the simple lessons for living popularized by this anonymous street bard have become ingrained in the Brelish mindset.

These include: “A copper piece in the cup is a copper piece earned,” “Never borrow, never lend,” “The silent man has no one to blame but himself,” and “A magewright in the town is worth an army in the wilderness.”


Brelish Speech

The following turns of phrase are uniquely Brelish:

“Ogre’s eyes!” - An expletive, similar to “drat!”

“Dagger take you.” - An expression of annoyance or anger, referring to the fast-moving currents of the Dagger River which quickly wash away whatever falls in it.

“Tower spit!” - An expression of discontent or an indication of nonsense, similar to “hogwash!” It refers to the spray that falls from the towers of Sharn during and immediately after it rains.


Brelish People

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