Nature: Creature
Type: Plant

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Gargantuan
CR: 14

First Appeared: 28.3 "Apple of Discord"

Description: "This immense plant has jaws inside its central flower and vines that thresh the air. Its ovular seedpods throb like beating hearts."

Information: Plants of frightfully advanced intellect, bodythieves can't abide the irrationalities of other intelligent life, particularly emotions. They seek to create a world of perfect order by replacing other life forms with nearly perfect duplicates spawned by the bodythief itself. Indeed, these duplicates improve on the originals, as they can communicate telepathically with the bodythief, and they lack wasteful emotions.

Individual bodythieves vary as to their specific plans for building a perfect society of duplicates. A common, though recognized, flaw in their plans is the infertility of their duplicates. To maintain a stable society, the bodythieves must capture creatures to replace the inevitable loss of healthy duplicates.

In order to make these duplicates, the plant must first capture the victim and deposit them in one of its own pods, which allows the bodythief to grow a vegetative duplicate so thorough that it even thinks and behaves like the original. Indeed, it won't even know it's a copy if its "parent" bodythief so chooses, though this can be changed at any time by sending it telepathic instructions, effectively 'activating' the duplicate like a sleeper agent.

Bodythieves are nearly immobile, though they can drag themselves along with their vines in extremis. When they must move large distances, they enlist the aid of their spawn.

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