Blood Of Vol

Nature: Religion
Type: Philosophy / worship of the state of undeath

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored weapon: Dagger
Domains: Evil, Law, Death, Luck, Magic
Portfolio: Undeath, immortality, blood, destiny, obedience.

Description: The Blood of Vol cult attracts followers fascinated by death and the undead, and those who follow the Blood seek immortality from within. Its followers see undeath as a path to divinity, invoking negative energy in contrast to the positive energy that powers the Undying Court.

They are captivated by the figurative and literal meaning of blood and by heredity, seeking to manipulate bloodlines and use blood magic rituals to accomplish their purposes. The Blood flows into the distant past, through the earliest days of human civilization on Khorvaire, to the elf kingdom of Aerenal, and even to Xen'drik, the continent of secrets.

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