Nature: Location
Type: Industry district in Sharn
Ward: Upper Cogs
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temple (Onatar), poor lodging (2), poor food (7), poor trades (60), poor services (30).

First Impression: Heat and the smell of smoke fills the air. The long passages are dimly lit and coated with soot, and the inhabitants are dour folk focused on their work.


Blackbones is located under Tavick's Landing, and stretched west toward the center of Sharn. In most respects it is similar to Ashblack; it is slightly newer, and the corridors are a little wider and better lit. Like Ashblack, there are a considerable number of warforged laborers in this district, and a few businesses have sprung up around these constructs.

Blackbones Locations

The Pool of Onatar's Tears
The Red Hammer


Khyber's Gate
North ▲
Ashblack ◄ East Blackbones

Above: Lower Menthis
Lower Tavick's
Below: Lava Pools
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