Becoming God

Nature: Religion
Type: Monotheism-to-be

Alignment: True Neutral
Favored weapon: Slam / gauntlet
Domains: Artifice, Strength, Rune, Travel, Warforged
Portfolio: Life, discovery, growth, self-sufficiency.

Description: Warforged seek definite goals in life, and they fear ultimate destruction as much as any living being. For some, belief in a deity greater than themselves addresses both issues, but in typical warforged fashion, they require something tangible.

Where the other sentient races have scripture and sermons and religious dogma to tell them who they are, what they are, and why they exist, the warforged have no such guidance. There isn't any religion or philosophy or god that has told them their place in the world, and what is right or wrong behavior, which seems to be what gods and religions are for.

In the absence of their own god some warforged, ever pragmatically, they decided to build their own.

Calling themselves the Godforged, they are unified by a belief that warforged have souls — and that these souls were bestowed upon them by a construct god, albeit one which hasn't made itself known in any other way….yet. The Godforged are dedicated to the great task of building a body to let their god walk the world as a comrade. The construction of this vessel — the Becoming God — is the project of lifetimes.

Consciousness is what separates them from mere machines and their mindless precursors, and if other conscious beings have souls, the warforged do, as well. They have no difficulty conceiving of a soul that is separate from the body: The Becoming God is surely the most powerful construct soul, and the source of their own. However, the Godforged also believe that a soul is built into a body, and that it increases as a life advances. Hence, placing their god into its own body will let it grow even more powerful.

The primary task for a Godforged is to discern the nature of the Becoming God, and to contribute to its embodiment. Their leaders guide their followers in understanding their god and in actively creating its earthly container.

Once it is finished, the Becoming God will instruct them all in the matters of doctrine and ethics. This means that making any sort of decisions on such matters before then is presumptious, as other religions have clearly shown that it is the role of deities to decide what is right and wrong, not mortals.

As such, religious debates take the form of technical discussions, as the godforged argue about the construction specifications and engineering details they believe will be involved when they finally build their Becoming God.

The Godforged’s existence is to quest. They search for the Firstforge, the damaged Cyran creation forge, which some claim is operated by the Lord of Blades. They also quest for materials that will some day help realize the body of the Becoming God.

Although the Becoming God does not yet have a body, he exists as a real being to those who believe, and they can draw on their faith to create miracles.

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