Basic Game Info

The "club saga" is a big roleplaying campaign arranged every year by Hexagon Game club in Trondheim. A saga is run by several cooperating game masters, where anyone (including you, whether you are a club member or not) can show up and play in any game session you want, even if you've never been here before, or even if you've never tried roleplaying games before. You can make your own character, or you can use one of our pre-made ones. The club is open every wednesday night, and each week we run one or more scenarios in the saga.

The campaign follows the school year, beginning in august and finishing up in may, and is designed along much the same premise as many TV series: Weekly stand-alone episodes that can be enjoyed on their own, but also with more long-term developments happening in the background. It has continuity, where events that happen will have impact on the setting and have consequences later on, but you can still play even if you haven't kept track of what's going on.

The saga is meant to be a game that is as open to people as possible. There's no expectation that you have to be there, you don't commit to anything. Some people decide to play once or twice to see what it's like, then drop out. Others only have time to play once a month. Others show up every single week. Some players didn't notice us until halfway through the story. All of this is ok. Play as often or as seldom as you want to.


So each week, the people who want to play can show up at the club. The game masters will then divide them into separate groups, and run an rpg story for each of these groups. These scenarios all take place in the same setting, at roughly the same time, and within the same continuity.

If there are more players than we have room for, given how many game masters prepared a story for that week, then the people who have played the least in the saga are prioritized, while those who have played most in the saga are last in line, and may not get to participate that week.

Practical Concerns

Game system: Pathfinder
Setting/World: Eberron

●Every wednesday (except when closed)
●From kl 18:00 to (theoretically) ca kl 23-ish
●There is a break for food & shopping from 20:30 to 21:00-ish

Location: Brattørveita 10 ("Trønderkjelleren") - map

Since the club doesn't permit kids younger than 14 years old, we sadly can't have players under that age limit either.


Books We Use

Pathfinder corebook
Eberron Campaign Setting (2005 book, 3.5 edition) (but only for setting info; for mechanics, see below)
Ultimate Equipment (except the optional section on firearms)
Psionics Unleashed (and the updates to that material given in Ultimate Psionics)
GameMastery Guide
Bestiary 1, 2, 3 & 4
most1 of the Eberron books (but only for setting info; for mechanics, see below)

Beyond these, we do use material from a LOT of books, but on a case-by-case basis, where we might use some of the material but never all of it. For instance, we use a lot of the Feats from "Advanced Player's Guide", but almost none of the new classes.

In general, we will post on this website what material will be available for use and not. For instance, which classes are available is listed on the page of Character Classes, while the feats from other sources than the corebook that we have looked over and approved are going to be found on the page for Feats.


While we will be using the setting-material and information from almost all the Eberron books (with some scepticism towards segments of material from the "Races of Eberron" and "Player's Guide to Eberron" books), these supplements were originally written for a previous edition of the rules, and so the feats, spells, items and other mechanical details aren't always entirely fitting or compatible.

We have worked to evaluate and write conversions for those parts of the material we felt confident about including in the game thus far, which we have made available on this website. But the fact remains that we still have a huge amount of material left to go through, so while there's a lot of Eberron-stuff still 'missing', our hope is that this will be covered and posted here in the months to come.

If there's anything specific you're missing, or wondering about, or really want to use for your character, feel free to contact us about it, and we'll see what we can do about it.


Behavior & Etiquette

●The most important rule is that this game exists for people to have fun.
If everyone is having a good time, then there is no problem.
If someone is not having a good time, then there is a problem.

Don't be a jerk.

●Any form of harassment, hate-speech, discrimination, or otherwise behaving in ways that other people in the room find offensive or hurtful, will not be tolerated.2

Anyone who feels they aren't being treated properly should inform us immediately. Especially if it's one of the game masters who is doing something wrong. If we aren't informed when we bother you, then we won't know we should stop doing it.

●While we think it's natural to argue with the GM about rules and mechanics and decisions, this is only true within limits. When the GM says he has made a decision, and is trying to continue the game, then players are going to accept that, as the GM has final say during game sessions.

Afterwards, however, these debates can be brought up again, when precious game time isn't being wasted on it.

●Similarly: There are a LOT of spells and feats and cool supplements and material on the market. We own a lot of these books, and we do love a lot of the contents. If you want to use something for your character that isn't on this wiki, you can talk to the primary game master and ask him about it. He will then look it over, and make a decision.

HOWEVER: You can't do this in the middle of a game session. You can't ask the GM to read and evaluate a custom power right in the middle of a combat scene. ANY sort of request for new material to included HAS to be made BEFORE the game session where you want to use it.

●While this game is specifically meant to be as welcoming as possible towards people who haven't done much (or any) rpg's before, and be a place where those who aren't "experts" can feel welcome and have fun as well, we will over time begin to expect people to know their own characters.

If your character has special powers, you should try to know what they are. If there are specific rules that apply for your character, you should try to have some basic clue about them, if you plan to use that character.

The GM has a lot of work to do in a game session, and is going to be busy helping a lot of people. Everything will work much better if other people are willing to put in a little bit of effort when it comes to figuring out how their own character works.

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