Hit Points 43 7d10+0
Base A. Bonus +7
Melee Attack +7
Ranged Attack +11
Maneuvers +3
Armor Class +6
Touch AC +5
Flat-footed +3
Maneuvers +6

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 6 –2
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 11 +0
Intelligence 10 +0
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 13 +1
Fortitude +6
Reflex +7
Will +7
SKILL Roll Calculating
Diplomacy +7 cha 1 + rank 3 + class 3
Fly +20 dex 2 + rank 3 + class 3 +size 4
+spd 8
Perception +7 wis 1 + rank 3 + class 3
+7 wis 1 + rank 3 + class 3
Stealth +10 dex 2 +size 8
KNOWLEDGE Roll Calculating
Planes +3 int 0 + rank 3 + class 3
Religion +3 int 0 + rank 3 + class 3

(+8 unspent skill points from class)


Nature: Sidekick
Leader: Meshana
User: MilladamenMilladamen

Race: Harbinger Archon
Origins: Shavarath
Religion: the Path of Light

Class: Paladin 4
Archetype: Warrior of the Holy Light
Alignment: Lawful Good



Gender: Male. Sort of.
Age: Eternal, or 14, depending.
Hair: Bwahaha, nope.
Eyes: Also nope.
Height: Same as its diameter.
Weight: Personal.
Body: BALL!
Clothing: ….belt?
Oher traits: Shiny!



Racial Abilities

Subtypes: Archon, Good, Lawful, Extraplanar
Speed: Fly 50 ft. (perfect).
Size: Tiny

Natural Armor: +1
Immunities: ●Electricity, ●Petrification
Resistances: ●DR 5 / evil, ●Get +4 racial bonus on saves against Poison
Perception: ●Darkvision: 60 feet, ●Low-light vision.

Tiny: ●Gets +2 size bonus to AC & attacks rolls
●Suffers –2 penalty to Combat Maneuvers & Maneuver Defense
●Adds a +4 size bonus on Fly checks.
●Adds a +8 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Truespeech (Su): Can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a ''tongues'' spell (CL 14). This ability is always active.

Luminous (Ex): Harbingers shed light as brightly as a torch under normal conditions, but can dim to a faint glow if desired, and frequently spin off bits of their essence into ''dancing lights''.

Blades (Ex): It can extend blades from its body to strike with as Primary natural attacks. These blades have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack & damage rolls, and are treated as both ''magic'' and ''good-aligned'' for the purposes of penetrating Damage Reduction (DR).

Disassemble (Su): As a move-equivalent action, a harbinger can break apart into its components. This is treated as ''gaseous form'', except the archon retains its full flight speed & DR, and can't fit through gaps smaller than 1 inch in diameter. Reforming into an orrery is a standard action.

Wrath (Su): Once per minute, it can emit a blast of energy that deals 2d6 force damage to adjacent creatures (DC 12 Reflex for 1/2 dmg). It can choose to omit any target from this blast that it desires, damaging only those foes it chooses. Save DC is Cha-based.

Minor Archon (Ex): Harbingers lack the ''aura of menace'' & ''teleport'' abilities of full archons.

Spell-Like Abilities: CL 6, Concentration: +7.
Constant: ●Detect Evil.
At will: ●Dancing lights (lasts until dismissed).
3/day: ●Cure Light Wounds, ●Protection from Evil.
1/week: ●Commune (CL 12, 6 questions).

Languages: Celestial, Draconic, Infernal, Truespeech

Class Abilities

Proficiencies: All simple & martial weapons, all types of armor (heavy, medium, light), & shields.

Aura of Good: Registers more strongly to "Detect Good" and similar good-sensing effects.
Aura of Courage: ●The paladin becomes immune to fear (magical or otherwise).
●Each ally within 10 ft get +4 morale bonus on saves vs fear effects (provided paladin is awake & alive).

Divine Grace: Add Charisma Bonus (if any) to all Saving Throws.
Divine Health: Immune to ALL diseases, even magical ones.

Detect Evil: (at will) Swift action if used on only 1 target,
which gives result as if had spent 3 rounds focusing on them

Smite Evil: Use 2 times per day. Choose 1 target to smite. Lasts until target goes down, or you rest & regain daily abilities.
If they are evil, then against them you get:
●Attack bonus = Cha mod = +1 to attack
●+1 dmg per level = +4 to damage
●x2 dmg bonus = +8 damage if smiting an evil-subtyped outsider, evil-aligned dragon, or the undead
●Deflection bonus = Cha mod = +1 AC
●Attacks automatically bypass any Damage Reduction (DR) the target might have

Laying On Hands

Lay on Hands: Uses = (Cha mod + 1/2 paladin lvl +1/4 paladin lvl) = 4/day.
●Can heal the living or harm the undead.
●Must touch the target, with a free hand, as a Standard action (no AoO).
●If used to heal himself, doing this is only a Swift Action.
●Cures or inflicts (1 per 2 paladin lvls)d6 = 2d6 damage.

Mercy: "Lay on Hands" also cures "???" condition.

Channel Positive Energy:
●Can release life-energy through his holy symbol, which must be presented.
●Can be used to heal the living or harm the undead.
●Doing so costs 2 uses of ''lay on hands''.
●Channeling is a Standard action that doesn't provoke Attacks of Opportunity.
●Causes a burst affecting all valid targets in a 30-foot radius around the paladin.
●Cures or inflicts damage = (1/2 paladin level, rounded up)d6 = 2d6 HP.
●Victims can make a Will save for 1/2 damage, with DC = (1/2 paladin level +Cha mod) = DC +3.
●Can choose to not include himself in this effect, if desired.

Power of Faith (Su):
●Can spend 1 use of "lay on hands" ability to call upon the power of their faith, as a Standard action.
●This causes a nimbus of "light" (as per the spell) to emanate from the character in a 30-foot radius.
●All allies in this area (including the paladin) get a +1 morale bonus to AC, attack rolls, damage rolls, & saving throws against fear.
●Peple only benefit from this bonus while they remain in the area of light.
●This power lasts for 1 minute.
Also: Gets +1 extra daily use of "lay on hands" per 4 levels.




3 Blades: natural wpn. Dmg: 1d4-1. Crit: x2. Traits: +1 weapon, good-aligned

Wealth: 33'000 gp.

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