Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Class: Aristocrat 8
Allegiance: Queen of Aundair
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female

Description: This blonde woman has a half-smile on her face as she sits above visitors and looks them over. The royal finery she wears — gems on top of gold on top of silk — is so dazzling that most people don’t realize that her smile doesn’t extend to her eyes. But once they do notice, they can’t help but stare back, looking into predatory gray orbs without a trace of joy or amusement.

Information: The Queen of Aundair is known for her eloquence. In fact, her enemies sometimes claim that she talked her way out of the Last War. When Aurala was younger, her suitors considered her attractive and charismatic, but they never realized how cautious and clever she was in playing them against each other — a talent she has cultivated ever since. (Her supporters attest she finally married for love, but some suspect her marriage to a noble from House Vadalis was really a political move.)

While Aurala willingly relinquishes some measure of power to lesser nobles in order to keep the wheels of government turning, she excels at asserting her authority at every opportunity. With flowery words and a powerful presence, she rallies her most stalwart supporters with confidence and ease.

Aurala powerfully and loudly proclaims the need to maintain the hard-fought peace.

In principle, Queen Aurala rules as the absolute monarch of Aundair. In practice, an unofficial triumvirate governs the land: the Queen, her brother Adal (who holds the titles of First Warlord and Royal Minister of Magic), and Lord Darro ir'Lain (Second Warlord of the Realm and commander of the Knights Arcane)

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