Nature: Country
Continent: Khorvaire
Type: One of the Five Nations


Nation Basics

Motto: ''What we sow in effort, we harvest in good fortune''
Ruler: Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn
Capital: Fairhaven
Anthem: "March of Tensin"
Heraldry: The head and wings of a dragonhawk, on a field of blue,
beneath the tome of knowledge and grains of unending wheat.


Climate: Temperate
Population: 2 million1 (51% human, 16% khoravar, 11% elf, 11% gnome, 5% hobbit, 3% shifter, 2% changeling, 1% other)
Languages: Common, Draconic, Elf, Halfling
Area: 560'000 square miles
Major Cities: Passage, Stormhome (Floating Towers of Arcanix)
Exports: Wine, cheese, grains, agriculture, books
Highest Point: Mount Colieris in the Starpeak Range, elevation 16'112 feet.
Founder: Wrogar, fourth scion of King Jarot.


Aundairian Names

They follow the Galifaran tradition of a personal name followed by a family-based surname.

Male: Ari, Bokk, Breyten, Daen, Dover, Erben, Fluin, Gavrin, Hagro, Herschem, Huys, Jurian, Kamiel, Killian, Kleris, Reng, Retief, Riaan, Saal, Sarelo, Sithov, Tak, Tyman, Urik.

Female: Aafki, Agate, Baltia, Batrax, Beleth, Chantal, Fientia, Flerentia, Gwen, Hjeltia, Juliona, Levini, Margana, Marloes, Sanne, Sien, Tanneken, Vilina.

Surnames: Aarland, Acker, Adriansen, Alyea, Arendt, Bacher, Banekert, Bartell, Bateu, Crudaker, Caldamus, Corleis, Dekker, Ennes, Gerlach, Haldron, Hugrin, Jurians, Karch, Kendig, Maartel, Mantanye, Merchiot, Nagel, Ostren, Petilom, Redeker, Rhuli, Romhaar, Serontain, Shreve, Sykes, Taumen, Thiel, Toriun, Tullier, Valleau, Veseur, Yanger, Zenden.



Known Things

Five Things Every Aundairian Knows:

1. The names of fine wines and other liquors. Not every Aundairian can afford Bluevine wine or something from the Mount and Moon cellars, but everyone can name his or her favorite labels and engage in animated conversations about the relative merits of each.

2. Some signature dueling moves. Most Aundairians love the flash of swordplay, and even the clumsiest citizen can slowly emulate the “twisting lunge” or “dragonhawk riposte” that he sees in the swordfighting demonstrations common in village-square entertainment.

3. A bit about horses. With its rolling verdant hills, Aundair is horse country second only to Valenar in Khorvaire.

4. Several “add-a-verse” songs. Popular as everything from children’s lullabies to drinking chanties, rhyming songs where a verse is added each time (such as “The House that Galifar Built” or “The 12 Days of End Year”) are an Aundairian tradition. Some run for nearly a hundred verses.

5. The Epic of the Valiant and Vigilant. Popularized some forty years ago by Aundair’s bards, this tale takes about 45 minutes to recite — and most Aundairians have heard it so many times that they can recite it from memory. "The Epic of the Valiant and Vigilant" describes the twin sieges of Tower Valiant and Tower Vigilant in 951 YK, told from the perspective of two lovers, each trapped within one of the castles but believing the other to be safe.


Aundairian Speech

The following turns of phrase are uniquely Aundairian:

“Chattering doesn’t roll the barrel.” - Shut up and get to work, in other words.

“Dirty hands stroke a white beard.” - As you get older, you may have to compromise your youthful ideals. More generally used to mean “sometimes you have to compromise.”

“Have two strings for your bow.” - An expression of caution and preparation.

“Without wine there is no conversation.” - Beyond its obvious meaning, the phrase is spoken as a request for or promise of hospitality.

“Brightness be!” - An expression of surprise.

“Aundair dares! Aundair dares!” - A warcry and taunt popular among Aundairian soldiers during the Last War



Known Aundairians

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