Nature: Druidic Sect
Alignment: Any neutral
Associated Season: Autumn

This fanatical sect takes the traditional beliefs of the druids to dangerous extremes. Seeing themselves as nature's avengers, its members seek to protect the wilds and preserve the natural order, using a very broad definition of “unnatural” to determine their actions. For example, they consider arcane magic and organized religion to be unnatural. They also go out of their way to strike at farms and ranches that attempt to confine or cultivate nature. The Ashbound prefer to avoid killing; their goal is to encourage their targets to abandon their unnatural ways and embrace the harmony of nature.

Not for them is the careful balance between nature and civilization — all that is artificial or unnatural is dangerous, with arcane magic at the top of the list. Nature’s purity must be defended at all costs.

Most of the druid sects tolerate the activities of rural farmers, as long as the land and livestock are treated with care and respect. Many villages have a local druid who provides spiritual guidance and agricultural advice. However, a few extremist sects — most notably the Ashbound — view such acts as a violation of the natural order, and so they occasionally strike out against such communities and settlements. They particularly abhor the activities of House Vadalis, and especially their work with magebred animals.

The Ashbound usually don't have too much in the way of established territories, and instead migrate back and forth within a larger region, and yet they're usually suspicious of other travelers they might encounter.

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