Ascendant Councilor

Nature: Creature
Type: Deathless

Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
CR: 18 and up
Wealth: Triple standard


"Very little of this creature can be seen — just the corpse of an elf so shriveled and aged it seems no more substantial than smoke. Light emanates from within its hazy form."

While the body of an ascendant councilor appears frail & almost insubstantial, they can deliver incredibly powerful blows with their shriveled fists, are highly resistant to physical damage & magic alike, can ignore some amount of fire, in addition to their extremely potent magical powers.


Ascendant councilors are the most holy, powerful, and revered of the ancient dead of Aerenal, and their power is nothing short of divine. They are incredibly ancient, some as old as the practice of necromancy on Aerenal. They rarely inhabit their physical forms, preferring to explore the universe in astral form and return to their bodies only when necessary to speak with the living or defend their resting places.

In the center of the island-continent of Aerenal lies a region where necromantic energy flows easily, and it was here that the elven Priests of Transition discovered the rites and rituals required to preserve their elders beyond death. Sustained by the veneration of their descendants, these undying elves have guided their country for more than 20 thousand years.

Here, in the depths of Shae Mordai, the City of the Dead, these elf kings and queens of ages past chart the movement of the stars and the Ring of Siberys, and prepare for greater days to come. While the Sibling Kings guide the daily affairs of Aerenal, the Undying Court shapes the destiny of the elf race. This council of the deathless selects, advises, and empowers the rulers of the land. The motives of the Undying Court cannot be understood by mortal beings; their plans stretch out over millennia.

Instead of revering those ancestors long dead, the Aereni venerate the dead that remain. In the eyes of the elves, existence is a spiritual journey that takes thousands of years to accomplish — a journey only the undying can complete. Thus, the Aereni honor the deathless who are on this final path, but their true deity is the combined essence of the ascended councilors, the undying who have journeyed beyond life and death to reach the final destination of the elven soul.

While the ascendant councilors can still take physical form, the elves do not worship them as individual deities. Instead, they revere the ascendant union as the ultimate embodiment of the elf race.

While an ascendant councilor is a mighty being when met individually, that pales in comparison to the level of power wielded when the councilors (both ascendant and undying) join together in their court within the Irian-linked manifest zone. There, they pool all their individual potency into a communal unity many orders of magnitude greater than anything a mortal being could hope to achieve.

Thusly they form the Undying Court itself.

Traits & Powers

True Seeing (Su): An ascendant councilor sees all things as they truly are, as though constantly under the effect of a "true seeing" spell.

Notable Defenses:SR 32, ●DR 15/targath, ●Fire Resistance 5,
●Insight AC = Wisdom bonus, ●Deflection AC = Charisma bonus, ●Natural Armor = +10,
●Deathless Immunities, ●Divine Immunities, ●Consecrated Aura.

Divine Immunities:Transmutation (including but not limited to unwanted polymorph, petrification, and disintegrate),
energy drain, and ●ability damage to mental scores.

Consecrated Aura (Su): Projects a continual field of positive energy in a 50-foot-radius emanation. The area within this field is under the effect of a double-strength "consecrate" spell (CL 20), as if the ascendant councilor itself were a permanent feature dedicated to a deity of good:
●The DC to resist positive channeled energy within this area gains a +6 sacred bonus.
●Saving throws made to resist negative channeled energy receives a +6 sacred bonus.
●Every undead creature entering the area suffer minor disruption, suffering a –2 penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saves.
●Undead cannot be created within or summoned into a consecrated area.
●Each deathless creature in the area (including the ascendant councilor generating the aura) gains a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws, as well as +2 HP per HD (already included in its stablock).
●This aura lingers for 24 hours after the ascendant councilor leaves an area.

Purification (Su): Nothing impure can withstand the touch of an ascendant councilor. Any creature struck by their slam attack takes Strength & Charisma damage proportionate to its alignment:
Good: No ability damage.
Neutral & no evil aura: 1d4 Strength & Charisma damage.
Evil: 2d6 Strength & Charisma damage.
●A successful DC 29 Will save negates the ability damage from a single attack.
●The save DC is Charisma-based.

Spell-Like Abilities: CL 20. Save DC's are Wisdom-based.
At will: ●astral projection (self only), ●dispel evil (DC 25), ●greater command (DC 25), ●mark of justice, ●righteous might, ●greater scrying (DC 27)
3/day: ●quickened greater dispel magic, ●empowered heal (DC 26), ●holy aura (DC 28), ●quickened holy word (DC 27)
1/week: ●storm of vengeance (DC 29).

Note: The above save DC's and values are calculated before bonuses and improvements from magic items are taken into account.

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