Arrow Catching
CL 8th
Aura Moderate
Nature: Magic Armor Ability
Cost: +1 bonus
Limit: Shields only

●While active, the item attracts ranged weapon attacks towards itself.
●The wielder can activate or deactivate this ability with a command word.

●The shield has an extra +1 Deflection bonus against ranged weapons.

●Any projectile or thrown weapon aimed at a target within 5 feet of wearer
diverts from its original target and targets the bearer instead.

●Those attacking the wearer with ranged weapons
ignore any miss chances that would normally apply.

●Attacks aren't diverted if the wielder has total cover relative to the attacker

Limit: projectiles & thrown weapons with (enhancement bonus) > (shield’s base AC bonus)
aren't diverted towards the wearer (but the shield’s +1 Deflection bonus still applies against these weapons).

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