HP 101 12d6+5d8+5+17
Init +2 dex +2
Base A. Bonus +9/+4
Melee Attack +9/+4
Ranged Attack +9
Maneuvers +6
Armor Class +8
Touch AC +2
Flat-footed +6
Maneuvers +9

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 12 (18) +1 (+4)
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 14 +2
Wisdom 10 (16) +0 (+3)
Charisma 28 (34) +9 (+12)
Fortitude +12
Reflex +13
Will +18
SKILL Roll Calculating
Bluff +32 cha 12 +rank 17 +class 3
Diplomacy +29 cha 12 +rank 17
Disguise +19 cha 12 +rank 4 +class 3
Intimidate +34 cha 12 +rank 17 +class 3 +feat 2
Perception +23 wis 3 +rank 17 +class 3
Fly +10 dex 2 +rank 5 +class 3
Stealth +7 dex 2 +rank 2 +class 3
+11 wis 3 +rank 5 +class 3
Spellcraft +9 int 2 +rank 1 +class 3 +feat 3
+6 int 2 +rank 1 +class 3
+6 int 2 +rank 1 +class 3
+7 int 2 +rank 5
Use Magic
+16 cha 12 +rank 1 +class 3
Nature: Player Character
Player: Fredrik Olavesen
User: Vincent HunterVincent Hunter

Race: Khoravar / Half-Dragon (Sapphire) 1
Origins: Breland
Residence: Tavin Manor, in Dragon Towers
Religion: The Sovereign Host, The Traveler

Class: Sorcerer 12 / Aberrant Heir 5
Bloodline: Draconic (Sapphire)
Dragonmark: Aberrant (Greater)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Full name: Arienna Mareya d'Tarkanan
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Height: 1 m 91 cm
Weight: 63,5 kg
Body: Slim
Clothing: Relatively simple travelers clothing
Oher traits:
Family: Ceylena (Mother. Khoravar spellslinger)
Ulhar (Father), currently living somewhere near the Endworld Mountains.
Sidekick: Stend Faldren d'Tarkanan


A tall, rather slim Khoravar woman, dressed in a somewhat plain travelers outfit. Her hair is a dusty brown colour, cut short about 2 inches above her shoulders. She usually wears a small backpack, along with sturdy well-worn boots, and her overall appearance suggests she is used to frequent journeys on foot. Parts of her Aberrant Dragonmark extends up her neck and across roughly half her face.

Background (OOC knowledge):
Born in Breland, near the eastern border, in the year 974 YK. Shortly after, to escape her mothers status as an ex-convict and conscripted soldier, her family left Breland behind and headed north. Her family would spend the next ten years traveling, never living in one place for longer than a month or two, before eventually settling down somewhere near the western slopes of the Endworld mountains. Two years later her mother left to once more fight in the great war, serving for a time under the Dark Lanterns. She was in time chosen to be a member of a team of spies, all bearing aberrant dragonmarks, and when the experiment failed was one of the members to successfully flee to the city of Sharn. From there she eventually returned home to her family, where she has since remained.

Having spent so much of her life on the move, Arienna eventually grew tired of the quiet life her family now leads, and decided to leave on her own adventure, eager to see what the world is becoming in the aftermath of the Last War.

More to come.

Racial Abilities

Low-Light Vision: Can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Adaptability: Receive "Skill Focus" as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Likeable: When they use Diplomacy to shift a creature’s attitude,
they can improve it by up to 3 steps (instead of just max 2),
provided their skill check is good enough to do so.

Urbanite: Get +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks made to gather info
& Sense Motive checks made to get a hunch about a social situation.

Multitalented: Choose 2 favored classes at 1st lvl and gain +1 HP or +1 skill point
whenever they take a level in either one of those classes (not just for 1 single class).

Elf Blood: Count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Gnomen


Type: Creature type changes to "dragon".

Ability Scores: Str: +4, Con: +2, Cha: +2.
Senses: Gain Low-light vision. If already has it, doubles its range.
Movement: Gain wings, which gives a Fly speed = base speed (average maneuverability)

AC: Increase Natural Armor by +2.
Attacks: Gains Bite as a Natural Attack, dealing dmg = (1d6 +1.5x Str mod)
Defenses: ●Immune to sleep
●Energy resistance (electricity) 30

Class Abilities

Proficiencies: All simple weapons

Bloodline Arcana: When you cast a spell with the (Sonic) descriptor, it deals +1 damage per die rolled.

1.Might of the Mind (Su): As a standard action, can hurl a single unattended object at an enemy within 30 feet.
●Treated as ranged attack with a thrown weapon. Add Charisma modifier to attack roll instead of Dex = +4 to attack.
●Deals damage = (1d6 + 1/2 sorcerer lvl).
●Can alternatively pick up one unattended object within 30 feet and transport it to your hand as a Move action.
●Object to be moved can not weigh more than 250 lbs.
●Can use this ability up to (3 + Cha mod) = 7 times per day.

3.Dragon Resistance (Ex): Get +4 Natural Armor to AC & Electricity Resistance 10.

9.Breath Weapon (Su): Once/day inflict 1d6/(sorcerer lvl) of Sonic Damage in a 30ft cone. Ref-save DC +12 for half damage.

1.Aberrant Affinity: Get class levels as a bonus on all Charisma-related checks for dealing with
aberrations and with other people who have aberrant dragonmarks. Related to this, levels in this
Prestige Class are added as a bonus to the favor-check when using ''Favored in House [Tarkanan]''.

1.Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark: Get ''Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark'', without having the skill prerequisite

1.Heir's Mark: Levels in this prestige class increase the caster level of the spell-like abilities
from the character's aberrant dragonmark by +1 CL per level (instead of the normal +1CL per 2 lvls)

2.Additional Action Points: Characters max Action Point pool is increased by +2.

2.Improved Aberrant Mark: Get 1 new spell-like ability.

3.Improved Lesser Aberrant Mark: Get 1 new spell-like ability.

4.Greater Aberrant Dragonmark: Get ''Greater Aberrant Dragonmark'', without the skill prerequisite.

5.Aberrant Burst: Once per day when you use one of your aberrant dragonmark powers,
you can declare it to be an ''aberrant burst''. The CL and saving throw DC of that effect are
both increased by +3, but in return you are sickened for 1d4 rounds after using the ability.


Aberrant Dragonmark: ●Get 1 spell-like ability, CL=1/2 lvl. ●Get +2 on Intimidate checks.
Lesser Aberrant Mark: ●Get 1 new spell-like ability, ●First ability gets +1 use/day, ●Mark CL gets +3.
Greater Aberrant Mark: ●Get 1 new spell-like ability, ●All previous powers get +1 use/day, ●Mark CL is at +5.

Favored in House (Tarkanan): Valued member of the organization. Can ask for favors (1/2 lvl) times per week.
Mark of Vengeance: When you succeed on a melee attack on a victim with a true dragonmark,
you inflict an additional 1d6 dmg. You yourself are healed of damage = bonus d6 damage inflicted.
Ward of Khyber: ●Get SR 21 vs the powers of true marks.●Once per day, can make your own mark invisible for 1 hour/level.

Skill Focus (Spellcraft): Get +3 bonus to selected skill (if has 10 ranks in skill, bonus increases to +6).
Shared Manipulation: As a move action, all friendly creatures within 30 feet who can see or hear you
get +2 on Bluff or Intimidate, for rounds = (Cha modifier), min 1 round.

Wild Talent: Gain psionic ability and 2 power points.
Psionic Body: +2 HP per psionic feat you have = +10 HP.
Open Minded: Gain +1 skill point per 3 lvl/HD, to a max of 6.
Speed of Thought: +10 ft speed in light or medium armor while maintaining Psionic Focus. Expend Focus for +30ft for one turn.
Sidekick: You gain a loyal companion who follows you around and assists you in your adventures.

Dragonmark Powers

Aberrant Mark:
Caster Level = Aberrant Heir lvls + 1/2 other levels +5 (greater aspect) = CL 11
Save DC = 1d20 +(Spell level + Charisma Modifier).
●After using a Lesser power: You must win a DC 10 Fort save or be dazed for 1 round.
●After using a Greater power: You must win a DC 15 Fort save or be dazed for 1 round.

Least Mark:
1.Charm Person: (3/day) Make 1 person act as if you are a close friend, 1h/CL. Will negates (DC +5).

1.Pass Without Trace: (2/day) Targets touched (max 1/CL) leave no tracks or scent trail for 1 hour per CL.

Lesser Mark:
4.Bestow Curse: (2/day) Gives target 1 of drawbacks below. Permanent, Will negates (DC +9).
●–6 to one ability score (to min 1)
●– 4 on attack rolls, saves & checks
●50% chance of losing every single action they attempt
●Other curse-like problem of ca equivalent strength, at GM's discretion

4.Contagion: (2/day) Touch attack inflicts 1 disease (blinding sickness, bubonic plague, cackle fever, filth
fever, leprosy, mindfire, red ache, shakes, or slimy doom). No onset period. Fort negates (DC +9).

Greater Mark:
5.Absorb Toxicity: (1/day) Be immune to diseases & toxins, 10 min/CL.
Can absorb one instance, and then 'give' it to 1 touched target.


Spell Slots:
Cantrips: ∞ per day
1st level: 9 per day
2nd level: 8 per day
3d level: 8 per day
4th level: 8 per day
5th level: 7 per day
6th level: 4 per day

0.Acid Splash: Ranged touch attack deals 1d3 points of acid damage.
0.Bleed: Causes a stable creature to resume dying, or a dying creature to take 1 damage.
0.Ghost Sound: Create illusory sounds for 1 round per CL.
0.Touch of Fatigue: Touch attack fatigues target for 1 round per CL.
0.Message: Can whisper with 1 person/CL at Medium range for 10 min/CL.
0.Mending: Repair damaged object, restoring 1d4 HP to the object.
0.Resistance: Target gets +1 on saving throws.
0.Detect Poison: Detects poison in 1 creature or small item.
0.Arcane Mark: Inscribes a personal rune on an object or creature (visible or invisible).

1st-level Spells:
1.Mask Aberrant Dragonmark: Reshape aberrant mark into the likeness of a true mark. 1 minute/CL. When spell ends, nauseated for 1d10 rounds.
1.Shield: Invisible disc gives +4 to AC for 1 min/CL, blocks Magic Missiles.
1.Ear-Piercing Scream: Deal 1d6 sonic damage per 2 CL, & daze target 1 turn. Fort: 1/2 dmg & no daze.
1.Detect Dragonmark: Detect and identify dragonmarks within 60ft.
1.Vocal Alteration: Disguise targets voice.

2nd-level Spells:
2.Alter Self: Assume the form of any Small or Medium creature of the humanoid type, 1 minute per CL.
If form has any of the following abillities, gain listed abillity: ●Small Size, ●Darkvision (60 ft), ●Low-Light Vision, ●Scent, ●Swim (30 ft)
2.Shatter: Sonic energy damages objects or crystalline creatures.
2.Mirror Image: Creates decoy duplicates of caster.
2.Accelerate Poison: Hastens onset of one poison affecting the target.
2.Whispering Wind: Sends a short message 1 mile/CL.

3d-level Spells:
3.Distracting Cacophony: Fills and area with loud noise. Casting spells in area requires a concentration check, DC 15 + spell-level. Any other
concentration check has DC increased by 5. DC of perception check involving hearing is also increased by 5.
3.Blast Barrier: Creates unstable wall for cover. When wall is destroyed or caster stops concentrating on it, it explodes,
dealing 2d6 slashing damage + 1d6 sonic damage/caster lvl.
3.Draconic Reservoir: Absorbs 6 damage/cl, to a max of 60, of one energy type chosen when casting.
Each round, as a swift action, subject can release 1d6 of the absorbed damage and apply it to any melee attack, dealing the damage to the first target struck.
3.Suggestion: Influence the actions of a target creature by suggesting a course of activity.

4th-level spells:
4.Shout: Deafens all within cone & deals 5d6 sonic damage. Fort-save for half damage and negate deafness.
Any brittle or crystaline objects or crystaline creatures takes 1d6 damage/caster lvl, max 15d6. Fort-save for half damage, Ref-save negates vs held objects.
4.Terrible Remorse:You fill a target with such profound remorse that it begins to harm itself.
Each round, target must save or deal 1d8 points of damage + str modifier to itself using an item held in its hand or with unarmed attacks.
If the creature saves, it is staggered for 1 round and takes a -2 penalty to Armor Class, after which the spell ends.
4.Phantasmal Killer: Illusion makes live target die of fright. Will save negates, if not Fort to survive & only get 3d6 damage.

5th-level spells:
5.Wall of Sound: Sonic barrier deflects & harms creatures.
5.Sonic Thrust: Sound moves targets away from you.

6th-level spells:
6.Sonic Form:

Bloodline Spells:
1.Mage Armor: An invisible but tangible field of force surrounds the subject, gives +4 armor bonus to AC for 1 hour/CL.
2.Resist Energy: Subject gains resist energy 10 against the energy type chosen.
3.Fly: Target can fly at a speed of 60ft with good maneuverability. Gains a bonus on Fly skill-checks equal to half caster lvl.
4.Fear: Cone causes each living creature in area to become panicked unless succeeds on a will save. If will succeeds, shaken for 1 round.
5.Spell Resistance: target gains SR equal to 12+cl.


Silk Rope
Stalkers Mask
Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Khybershard Dagger: Tarkanans Revenge light weapn. Dmg: 1d4+0. Crit: 19–20/×2. Traits: +1 weapon, Conductive, (Marktheft)
Headband of Mental Prowess +6
Ring of Feather Falling
Robe of Arcane Heritage
Cloak of Resistance +4
Collar of Enforced Friendship x5
Lesser Quicken Rod
Khyber's Eye
Belt of Giant Strength +6

Token of the Satyr: Masterwork panpipes. Their magical property can be used once, which gives the following benefits for 24 hours: ●+2 bonus to the save DC of user's Enchantment spells & effects, or +4 for [Charm] effects. ●If wielder succeeds on a DC 10 Perform check with the pipes when activating them, the character also benefit from an "Endure Elements" effect keeping them comfortable in cold environments.

After their magic has been expended, the panpipes remain a musical instrument of Masterwork quality. Turning the used pipes into a Wondrous Item with appropriate powers has the gp cost reduced by 25 %.

Wealth: 11'406 gp

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