Ari Corleis

art by mscorley of DeviantArt


Nature: NPC
Race: Khoravar
Class: Druid
Sect: Greensingers
Origins: Aundair
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 17.1 "A Midwinter Night's Shindig"

Appearance: A tall and somewhat slender young man, who looks like he'd be between 19 and 23 years old if he was human, with straw-coloured hair and a whispy attempt at a goatee. He never just smiles when a happy grin can be used, and walks around with a wreath of flowers in his hair….in mid-winter.

Information: Before the "shindig" project came around, Ari had never met an actual fey creature before in person, but he has read a LOT about them, and has always been really looking forwards to his first encounter with the "fair folk".

In fact, he had never been far enough outside his hometown to experience a proper forest, or wilderness of any kind, and finds all this untamed nature to be absolutely charming and so lovably rustic.

He's just brimming over with enthusiasm and good cheer, and is certain that if mortals and fairies could simply sit down together in peace and just talk things out amongst themselves, all problems would be solved without further need for violence or hurt feelings.

This is something he believes despite the fact that one side of the conflict includes amongst its members creatures whose reason for living involves murdering innocent victims and feasting on their still-warm blood, before sucking the marrow from their bones so they can make eerily haunting migraine-causing flutes out of the child's femurs.

It is likely that Ari would never have been invited to be part of the "shindig" undertaking, if it hadn't been for the fact that he not only is the person who suggested the concept in the first place, but is also the person who's responsible for all the hard work required to persuade all the various druids and civilians to join in, and who has somehow managed to coordinate everything (along with "Orcahontas" and Karola) so that the grand ritual has an actual chance of succeeding.

That doesn't mean that the others find him any easier to deal with.

Ari's Level of Tact = 2nd one:
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